Press Release - Soiltech Wireless Announces the Addition of Agribusiness Leader Shane Thomas to its Board of Directors


Rupert, ID, January 5, 2023 — Soiltech Wireless, the leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability, announced today the appointment of Shane Thomas to its board of directors.

“Shane is one of the most innovative minds in agriculture today,” said CEO and Chairman of the Board, Ehsan Soltan. “We’re excited to add his perspective as we continue to build products that deliver data-driven management from soil to storage so that growers and advisors can make more informed supply chain management decisions.”

Thomas began his career as an agronomist, with his earliest work focused on supporting farmers and developing training initiatives for the largest agribusiness in Canada. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to experience just about every angle of global ag retail including marketing, distribution management, agronomy, and digital strategy. He currently serves as the Vice President of Strategy at AgVend.

Shane is the author and founder of Upstream Ag Insights. His weekly newsletter is read in 40+ countries by over 10,000 agribusiness leaders covering essential news and analysis at the intersection of technology, business, and agriculture. 

“I am proud to join the Soiltech Wireless board,” said Thomas. “It is inspiring to see that the team maintains farmers as the focal point of their technology. Pairing that with their vision and understanding of the agricultural value chain positions the company to unlock incredible value for this industry.”



Agricultural Intelligence from Seed to Shelf


Our solution is the first fully integrated seed-to-shelf analysis tool, delivering full-cycle product information you can trust to increase operational efficiency and make informed management decisions across your agricultural product pipeline.

Everything begins with the Beacon, a sensor that can be planted, harvested, and transported with crops. The sensor delivers data throughout the entire product life cycle. The Signal platform actively monitors real-time success factors, integrating soil moisture, temperature, humidity, crop damage, and location with a robust set of agronomic insights. These measurements provide growers, advisors, researchers, and downstream supply chain partners with critical insights, enabling optimal decision-making.   

We have worked directly with growers and their advisors to develop a cost-effective product that provides actionable data that can now help manage workforce resources, reduce inputs and increase yields. The device arrives to users pre-calibrated and activated, so users need only to bury it under the soil or place it in their fields.

Learn more about how we can help you unlock the value of full-cycle crop monitoring today