Optimized Farm Management with Soiltech’s Solutions


Agricultural professionals continually seek innovative ways to stay connected to their fields with real-time data. Soiltech's groundbreaking sensor technology is revolutionizing how agronomists and retailers engage with and serve their farming partners. Explore how Soiltech solutions foster robust relationships by empowering operators to be virtually everywhere at once.

Data-driven decisions with Beacon and Insights

Agronomists have always had to monitor vast tracts of land to offer timely advice. At the same time, retailers strive to suggest products and solutions that genuinely improve their customers' farm management approaches. Soiltech has developed state-of-the-art sensor technology to address these needs head-on.

The Soiltech Beacon sensor and Insights platform are complete, easy-to-use, stand-alone tools designed to deliver immediate value. Together, they equip agriculture professionals with a continuous supply of real-time data on soil and environmental conditions.


The customizable readings and analytics enable more informed decisions, preventing potential losses and enhancing growers' yields. The platform also allows multiple users to provide truly unique end-to-end insights across the supply chain as needed and desired. 

Soiltech solutions deliver value from day one. Below are some of the features often highlighted by users.

  • Customizable scouting forms and reports
    Beacon and Insights enable users to create and gather data into tailored crop-scouting forms that focus on specific concerns and field characteristics. With Soiltech, generating comprehensive reports becomes straightforward, enhancing communication between field experts and farmers.

  • Centralized CRM
    Keeping track of multiple customers and fields can be daunting, but Insights CRM simplifies it elegantly. Our CRM was built specifically for agriculture. It organizes information in an intuitive, tailored way, allowing for fast data extraction, improved reporting, and straightforward collaboration and delegation.

  • Voice-to-text field notes
    Field notes are essential to an agronomist's and retailer’s arsenal. Soiltech's voice-to-text feature allows for quick recording of observations without the effort and distraction of typing. This significantly reduces the time spent both in the field and the office, allowing agriculture professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

  • Improved collaboration
    Soiltech empowers professionals to share valuable data with farm customers, fostering transparency and trust. This collaborative approach strengthens relationships, positioning agronomists and retailers not just as service providers but as integral partners in farm management.

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Informed and proactive farm management with Soiltech

Soiltech's innovative technology provides agronomists and retailers unparalleled supervision and connectivity to the land they actively support and cultivate. By integrating Soiltech into your operational framework, you're not just adapting to the future of agriculture; you're actively shaping it.

Reach out to explore how your operation can benefit from Soiltech solutions.